Resource Booking and Scheduling Controls

  • Intelligent Resource Booking - through a web-based interface for full access from anywhere at any time.

  • Fully Configurable Rules -  enabling administrators to control not only who can see which calendars, but manage their booking capabilities across single or multiple Core facilities.

  • Multi-Core Calendar Options - Bookmark capabilities within the scheduling set up allows for multiple Cores to share a system without fear of confusion, cross over or complications.

  • Billing Options Within Bookings - Each individual booking can have a separate billing formula to calculate varying price structures that can be dependent on different properties such as usage times or the users hierarchical position.  

  • Offline Calendar Viewing - The web-based system is enabled to link with external calendars such as Outlook and Google to allow for easy-to-view calendar access at any time.

Reporting and Tracking

  • Actual Usage and Booking Usage - through a sophisticated log-in system, Calpendo enables administrators to not only report on the booked usage of resources, but also the actual booking usage to the precise hour, minute and second. Click here for information on CAR, our Actual Usage system:

  • Automated Financial and Billing Report Generation - whether for invoice purposes or to monitor the financial allocation on specific projects, the reporting software enables automated finance reports to be scheduled and run as required.

  • Integrated Graphing - the inbuilt software within the reporting set up enables reports of all descriptions to be graphed in numerous forms for presentation and analysis purposes.

  • Project-Based Tracking - permissions can be set to allow projects to use any resource, with reports then able to collaborate data and track the project status.

  • Service Requests and Sample Tracking - filters within the system allow for samples to be monitored at all times while service requests are dealt with through our Service Control features. 


Many types of events can trigger a workflow and many types of actions can be undertaken and wired together in response to one of those events. This allows for a seemingly limitless level of flexibility and system automation. Workflow automation can include:

  • Automatic expiry of inactive users.

  • Calculation of time or money remaining on a grant.

  • Email notification shortly before a project or grant expiry.

  • Collecting and collating data from anonymous web forms.

  • Validation of data entered.

  • Notifications of stages of completion for services.

  • Multi-person approvals of projects, services or bookings.

For our latest Workflow Information, please click here:

Information Management

  • Project and Customer Management - track and manage project and customer information for real-time analysis.

  • Advanced Data Management - the intelligent database allows for ALL stored data to be analysed, managed and reported on.

  • Flexibility of Custom Properties - the ability to manage the properties within reports to customise as required provides unlimited flexibility on the information that can be made available.

  • Control of Financial Information - all Calpendo systems allow administrators to have the complete flexibility over pricing, discount and credit structures which allows for different cost bases for different customers.

  • Managing Multiple Funding Sources - custom properties can be combined with formulaic properties on all data types to allow for bespoke management control over multiple funding sources.

Invoicing and Billing

  • Individual Invoice Control - generate individual PDF invoices, set the delivery address, date and time and send without manual administrative input.

  • Comprehensive Billing Reports - generate reports showing how much time has been used and by whom, how much they should pay and what accounting code to charge.

  • Automated Communication with Financial Controller - emails and reports can be set up to run and be delivered automatically to the required Financial Controllers. 

  • Integration with Financial Systems - Calpendo uses its advanced API (application program interface) to integrate with the various financial systems found globally.

System Integration

Our system integration, both with finance and other university or core-specific systems, is tailored around the central needs of the customer. Click here to learn more about our:

  • Methods of communication;

  • Timings of posting data;

  • Balance management;

  • Push and pull of active work codes;

  • Tax regulations;

  • Invoices for external user;


Inventory Management

  • Real Time Inventory Tracking -  Not only can Facility Managers and Administrators track and monitor products, quantities and locations, but they can also generate reports on the data.

  • Order Management - Should inventory reach a specific threshold, the inventory management module can be programmed to report the low stock values.

  • Audits & Cycle Counts - Quickly conduct audits to ensure you know what you have and where you have it.

Services Control

  • Manage Service Orders - the simple user interface allows for an unlimited number of service types to be created, for which orders can be made and managed.

  • Track Service Process - each service comes with tracking capabilities to allow all parties to view in real time the status and position of orders.

  • Adapt Permissions for Service Orders - permissions can be set to configure who can order what, who can see what, who can edit what and who receives notification of progress through the automated email system.

Set Up and Support Options

  • SAAS and Internal Server Options - the capability to have your Calpendo system held on our main server or alternatively, the system can be hosted on your own internal server.

  • Core Variety - systems are configured and supported for the varying requirements of different Cores in areas such as (but not limited to) Imaging, Microscopy, Flow Cytometry, Genomics etc...

  • Individual Database - for easy access, each customers' data is stored on an individual database to allow for very simple data migration at any time.

  • Bespoke Configuration - all systems are built bespoke for each facility, whilst changes to the system structure and database configuration are possible by customers with Java customisation. 

  • Unlimited Customer Support - all clients have a dedicated customer support specialist who is on hand to provide UNLIMITED support, UNLIMITED online training and UNLIMITED system customisation as is required. 

Research Support

  • Calpendo facilitates research and scholarship interaction, collaboration and management.

  • Exprodo Software helps the research community by providing management of a research facility in a unique yet simple way.

  • All research facilities are able to fully customise their Calpendo systems.

  • All research information stored within Calpendo is strictly protected and is only visible to those with the necessary access permissions.

  • The web-based platform allows for multi-site collaboration, as well as enabling the sharing of information and data within the secure facility management system.

Individual Perspectives

  • Facility Manager - Facility managers are given complete control of how their Calpendo works, with unlimited support and configuration meaning they can have exactly what they need both now and in the future.

  • Finance Department - Calpendo is very flexible in the pricing you can set up, and it’s easy to create reports to extract the information you need and to invoice the right amounts to the right people.

  • IT Department - IT departments love Calpendo because it is very flexible, does exactly what you need, whilst also being able to communicate intelligently with other internal systems.

  • Bookings Moderator - in some facilities, all booking requests are sent to a single person whose role becomes difficult and stressful as your facility becomes busy. Calpendo removes these issues entirely.

  • Regular User - regular users will find it very easy to see what bookings there are and to make bookings at the times they require; all at the touch of a button. 

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