Would you like to trial Exprodo SDM?

If you would like to arrange a free trial of Exprodo SDM, then please visit the 'Free Trial' section or alternatively, click here. All Trials come with an optional demonstration of the system, along with initial configuration to enable you to see the system work in the ways that you would want it to.

Download the latest Exprodo SDM Brochure:

Engineered for Performance

Exprodo SDM has been specifically created to allow researchers or clinical trial units to store their study data in a bespoke, web-accessible database. Exprodo SDM key features include:

  • Flexible and robust data entry system.

  • Bespoke questionnaires incorporated for immediate data capture.

  • Secure archive storage and information backups.

  • Automated actions in response to specific system events.

  • Existing use with Medical Research Council (MRC) funded projects.

  • Mobile App for simplified data collection (dependant on study type).

Bespoke, Individual User Set Up

  • Share access to data across multiple sites in a web browser

  • Control who can see or modify which data;

  • Organise your study, your data and their collection;

  • Monitor progress of projects, both individually and collectively.;

  • Works effectively with either clinical trials with a multi-site study with thousands of subjects or a one centre study with just a few participants.

Exprodo SDM has been configured to support the collection and presentation of high-quality, reliable and statistically sound data that can be defined, used, re-used and shared.