Calpendo is the only Core Facility Management System that does not constrain you to working the way the software vendor thinks you should. Instead, Calpendo has been designed, from the very beginning, to allow its functionality to be infinitely adaptable. This means you can have a system that works just the way you want it to, and we achieve this with two main features:

  • Calpendo is a fully flexible database that lets you add custom properties to existing data types and create your own data types.
  • Calpendo workflows provide the means to build pipelines that manipulate the system data in response to many system events.

All of this is fully customer configurable so that you can be in control of your own system. We include unlimited support so we can guide you through the configuration process and we're also perfectly happy to configure it for you. All of this combines to form what we like to call Infinitely Adaptable Functionality.