Functionality, Accessibility, Security

Exprodo DB has the flexible capabilities to be configured to function in a multitude of different formats such as:

  • A Business Intelligence Database — with flexible reporting and permission capabilities.
  • A Knowledge Database — for the collection of data representing problems along with their solutions.
  • An Active Database — with event-driven architecture for specific data gathering.
  • An Operational Database — for storing, organising and monitoring information

Exprodo DB has been utilised by a number of medical research facilities and independent companies to provide a flexible, secure and easily accessible database management system (DBMS) that is independently configured to their own unique requirements.

Would you like to trial Exprodo DB?

If you would like to arrange a free trial of Exprodo DB, then please visit the 'Free Trial' section or alternatively, click here. All Trials come with an optional demonstration of the system, along with initial configuration to enable you to see the system work in the ways that you would want it to.