Calpendo is our intelligent Core Facility Management System with flexible controls that include:

  • Best-in-class online scheduling calendar with configurable booking rules.
  • Usage tracking and Financial reporting with full export capabilities.
  • Flexible management of users, customers, projects and resources.
  • Automated and targeted email notifications.
  • Advanced data management and storage.
  • Unlimited system configuration and customer support.

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Calpendo Lite

The same features as Calpendo, but with a lower price and some limits to its use.

Available for as little as £499, €649 or US$799 per year with UNLIMITED support.


Bookings Scheduler

Schedule activity on your equipment, rooms and other bookable resources using an integrated calendar.



Keep track of what each booking is being used for by using Calpendo's projects.

Your projects can be configured to record whatever information you require, such as payment information, limits on how much time can be booked, safety information or ethics approvals where appropriate.


Intelligent Rules

Intelligent customisable booking rules allow you to control who can make what bookings and when.

Users will be able to make bookings themselves while Calpendo enforces your bookings policies.


Programmer Not Required

Calpendo can be configured to provide bespoke behaviour, without needing a programmer to set it up.


Electronic Log

Calpendo can record the actual usage of your resources as well as the bookings.

This will allow you to generate billing information from either bookings or actual usage or a mixture of the two.


Getting Information Out

Calpendo has a flexible search and reporting tool that allows you to interrogate your data and obtain the information you need for billing and auditing etc.


Email Notifications

You can arrange for an email to be sent in response to any change in the database, and you have full control over who each email goes to and the content of the email.

For example, you might want to send an email when some bookings are cancelled.



  • Interrogate Your Data

  • Meet Changing Requirements

  • Manage Projects

  • Billing

  • Easy to Use

  • Easily Manage Booking Schedules


  • Permissions

  • Intelligent Rules

  • Data Customisation

  • Getting Information Out


  • Regular Users

  • Finance Department

  • Replacing a Simple Calender

  • IT Department

  • Facility Manager

  • Bookings Moderator

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